Trade Shows In The US Are Different

Trade Shows In The US Are Different

The United States is considered to be the country of unlimited opportunities. The vast market not only attracts exhibitors from all over the USA to the trade fairs but forms the shape of Europe as well. However, there are a lot of things to arrange for European companies before they start to attract customers in the USA to buy their products. Trade shows run differently in the USA than in Europe as all companies need to be well-prepared for their appearance. Extensive planning is necessary to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Trade shows and exhibitions in the USA offer companies an excellent opportunity to expose themselves and their products in a good light from the very beginning. In this way, you can draw the attention of customers, make contacts, and start business relations. Those who want to enter the market often use the opportunity of a trade fair to find future partners and customers.

Trade Shows In The US Are Different
Trade Shows In The US Are Different

The American trade fairs can be called industry meetings organized by professional associations. The events include not only the fair, but also meetings, workshops, and conferences. It is essential to visit them to be able to demonstrate further training measures. The supporting program is just as important as the trade fair itself. A general contractor runs the organization that provides all services. These start with the infrastructure and end with the union workers. Exhibitors can find all the details in the Exhibitor Manual.

No Uniform Regulations

An existing stand of the exhibition cannot be directly imported and set up in the USA. Each fair has its rules regarding construction, size, and design. Moreover, every city may have individual regulations also, as a result, it is important to read the Exhibitor Manual carefully and take the specifications into account. Most companies use a modular system that guarantees flexibility. Noteworthy is the open design of the stand; therefore, exhibitors prefer high carpets and muffled floor coverings. It is particularly important to pay attention to what kind of person can perform different activities. It is mostly forbidden for exhibitors to lend a hand because trade unions regulate most of the exhibition venues. It means that strict working hours and rates will be required. The General Service Contractor offers corresponding workers.

Be Sure To Keep An Eye On The Costs

Of course, this also has an impact on the total costs. All services are described in the Exhibitor Manual very clearly, and the prices are listed also. That includes any possible costs for freight, electricity, cleaning, and catering, as well as, any services, the rent of furniture, plants, and any other stuff that might be needed. The costs depend on many factors and can be different in every city where the fair is going to be held. Also, the prices are growing up right before the event, so everything might be more expensive if just a few weeks are left. That means the listed costs can still become significantly higher and exhibitors should pay attention to this to avoid any misunderstanding.

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