The History of the American State Fair – Part 3

Our concluding part of the series to discover the history of the American State Fair continues with looking at some of the great state fairs that are currently being held all over the United States. We travel to New York, Massachusetts and Texas among others to have even more fun at the fair.

The Great New York State Fair

The Great New York State Fair is recognized as one of the oldest in America. Organized every year towards the end of August, the fair holds nightly concert performances, classic car shows and, of course, fairgrounds. In 2016 the headline acts for the fair were Dashboard Confessional, Kesha and Daughtry. This state fair has great livestock shows and offers spins on the Medway. The New York marketplace is the place to go if you are feeling a little peckish and it even offers free samples of local produce for tasting, including locally produced cheeses, jams, jerky and maple syrup.

The Big E

The Eastern States Exposition has been taking place in West Springfield since 1916 and is commonly known as The Big E to locals and visitors alike. The Big E lives up to its billing, offering an exhaustive seventeen days of fun, games and entertainment. There are many livestock competitions, especially the Big Top that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to the event every year. The fair has many attractions and, in particular, one unique one that is the marvelous butter sculptures, with product donated by Cabot Creamery.

State Fair of Texas

Based in Dallas, Texas, this state fair embraces the state’s biggest is best attitude and that is demonstrated by the three million visitors it attracts every September. To keep this massive audience happy, there are a plethora of competitions, events, pageants, contests, in fact there are over eleven hundred categories just in the creative arts section alone!

Kentucky State Fair

You will not be surprised to learn that the state fair in Kentucky is all about horses. Over the course of seven days, the World Championship Horse Show takes place in Louisville with more than two thousand horses competing for the generous prize money. When the horse action takes a break, there are plenty of things to do and see at the fair, including the Pride of the Counties which is an exhibition displaying all the famous Bluegrass state has to offer. The music, as you would expect, is mostly country and acts such as Chris Young, Reba and Brett Eldredge have headlined in the past.

If you wish to sample some local food, then expect the norm with cotton candy, corn dogs and funnel cake in abundant supply. The fair takes place every August and regularly features the best saddlebreds, rode horses and hackney ponies.   

California State Fair

Every July, down in Sacramento, the California State Fair comes to town, and if you are a foodie, then you will love this festival of fun and games. Bacon wrapped corn, deep fried cheesecake and twix are all awaiting your presence. Along with the best Honky Tonk and Blues music live on stage. We finish the final entry in the series with this great and entertaining State fair.

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