The Festivals of Washington DC – Part 1

Washington DC is a great place if you love festivals, the good people of Washington will celebrate almost any occasion if they can. This blog concentrates on some of the events and festivals that take place in America’s capital city every year.

Kingman Island Bluegrass & Folk Festival

What could be possibly be more American than bluegrass music, and Washington holds this great event to celebrate an art form that is distinctly all-American. The venue in the northeast of Washington is perfect, and Kingman Island plays an excellent host. Both traditional and contemporary styles of bluegrass are featured along with many folk artists that also appear. The festival promotes the community and the sustainability of life. So, like other festival fans, just grab yourself something to eat, a bottle of beer and sit back and enjoy all the fun.


Savor is billed as An American Craft Beer & Food Experience, and as they say, it is exactly what is says on the label. The venue is the impressive National Building Museum in the heart of Washington. In attendance are over ninety craft breweries from all over the country, showing off two of their chosen traditionally made craft beers. For those not able to work the sums out, that is over one hundred and eighty beers to sample. Savor does not just highlight beer, there are many delectable food items that are also presented that will perfectly pair with the ales, stouts, lagers, IPA’s etc. that are on show.

Capital Pride

Possibly the most colorful event in the Washington DC calendar is Capital Pride which is a citywide celebration of LGBTQ rights. The theme for 2018 is Element of Us, and some of the events planned to celebrate should rock the city. Included in the fun activities are a rooftop pool party, the extremely popular Pride parade, a block party, and the Pride concert and festival. Acts that have already been confirmed for 2018 are MAX, Troye Sivan and Alessia Cara all performing on the 7th and 10th of June.

By the People Festival

By the People Festival is the leading arts festival in the Capital, it is held all over the city and is a sprawling event taking place in many galleries, theaters, cinemas and so on. The festival is to celebrate the culture of arts in Washington and how they affect the people.

It is a four-day arts extravaganza lighting up the whole of DC, there will be music, dance, art installations, interactive displays and late-night museum openings all over the city. There is also a program of civic dialogue events that are designed to spark interests on a wide range of artistic issues, from both sides of the fence. Finally, there is a huge city-wide art hunt that people of all ages are welcome to participate and have fun in.

The festivals of Washington are as diverse as you could possibly wish for; whatever your interests Washington DC has them covered and celebrates them. In part two of this blog we look at a Jazz festival, enjoy sporting celebrations and clash tongs over barbecue etiquette.

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