The Best Foods at American Fairs

It is true when we think of American State Fairs one of the very first thing that comes to mind is delicious food. Now a great proportion of the foods served at these great festive events are not particularly healthy and deep frying is a common way to cook gut-busting dishes. But as long as it is in moderation there is nothing wrong with a calorie filled treat every now and then.

In this blog we look at some of the most common foods that can be found at America’s State & County Fairs and some that are actually not deep fried. Some of these foods are actually a healthy option, or very close to it. But all our dishes are big on flavor and extremely addictive.

Triple Cheeseburger Donut

This amazing invention first saw the light of day at the Iowa State Fair, the Triple Cheeseburger Donut consists of three patties of ground beef together with six slices of melting American cheese, all packed into a Krispy Kreme donut which is sliced in half.

Deep Fried Butter

The Scottish are renowned for deep frying almost anything, but this calorie loaded treat that was developed at the Texas State Fair sounds quite bizarre. Frying condiments is not unusual in Texas and deep-fried butter is a favorite of fair attendees. The dish is not as sickly as it sounds as frozen balls of butter are used in the recipe which are dipped in a thick buttermilk batter and then deep fried. The buttermilk helps to add a little acidity and the crunchy batter contains the delicious melting butter.

Fried Coca-Cola

Another strange invention from the Texas State Fair is Fried Coca-Cola, and many inquisitive fair goers wonder at how Coca-Cola can possibly be deep fried. But it is all quite obvious when you look at the cooking technique as the Coca-Cola is used to make a batter. The whole thing turns out a bit like a funnel cake and is dusted with sugar and served with whipped cream.

Fried Green Beans

Vegetables are great for deep frying and if you use very hot oil and drain the surplus off before serving it is not too unhealthy. Fried Green Beans can now be found on restaurant tables across America and is not only served at State Fairs.

Deep Fried Oreos

For our final culinary adventure, we travel to Los Angeles County Fair where a gentleman named Chicken Charlie was responsible for dreaming up Deep Fried Oreos. Chicken Charlie was inspired by a dish of Deep Fried Twinkies he ate at a fair in Miami and set about to improve the dish. A year later he dreamed up a similar dish but used Oreos instead of Twinkies, and now it is a firm favorite at the Los Angeles State Fair.

The problem with most of these dishes is that you can only get them once a year and have to wait a whole twelve months for your next fix. If you are desperate you can always try making one or two of the simpler ones at home.

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