The Best Cultural Events and Pageants in Washington – Part 3

Washington DC has probably the most cultural events, parades and pageants than any other American city, this is mostly because it is the nation’s capital, but also displays the diverse cultural heritage Washington has. It is an integrated city that has embraced the different cultures that have stayed in the capital and made their home there.

In this our third part of our blog, we continue exploring different cultures around the world that have events in their honor in Washington, in particular we see the best of Italy, take a typical Scottish Christmas walk and enjoy a great children’s festival.

Kids Euro Festival

One of the best things in life is seeing children having fun and enjoying themselves, their laughter is infectious and can turn a bad day into something great. That is why the Kids Euro Festival can be enjoyed by adults as well as kids. Held every October and November in Washington DC, this kid’s friendly festival focuses on the performing arts and features over two hundred completely free events, featuring different kinds of artists and performers from all over the globe. Being the capital of America, Washington is home to 27 European embassies who all contribute in hosting the event. The idea is that the kids learn of different cultures from around the world and appreciate them.

Turkish Festival

Turkey has a rich and diverse culture, from its ancient cuisine to the exotic dances that are so popular around the world. The event is sponsored by the American Turkish Association and celebrates everything that is held dear to the Turkish nation. The festival features live performances of music and dance, features the rich complexity of the cuisine, there are many hands-on activities, art demonstrations, craft making and dance lessons. There are also talks and seminars from guest speakers and dignitaries.

Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend

December is a very special time of year for many western cultures and Northern Virginia is no different. This particular event over a weekend in December is especially poignant to anybody with Scottish blood running through their veins, as it is the Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend. Hundreds of Scottish clansman hit the streets to parade with the sound of their bagpipes drowning out any other noise through the old parts of town in Alexandria. The parade takes in historic homes of Alexandria as it passes by, it also features a Celtic concert, a Christmas market and a children’s tea party.

Italian Festival

The final Washington festival of our blog is the Italian Festival in October. Festa Italiana celebrates everything that is good about Italian-American culture. The street festival is loved by all and the lavish party celebrates traditional Italian music and dance, of course the world-famous cuisine, Italian art and craft displays and much, much more. The whole event is sponsored by Festa Italiana Foundation, which is a private organization that celebrates everything that is culturally Italian, in an effort to promote Italy and all its fantastic culture to the rest of the world and in particular Washington.

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