Shopping in New York

Shopping in New York

Great shopping trip to New York. When we all went into outlet stores. Shopping for clothes and shoes is one of Swedish travelers’ favorite pleasures in New York. Many people choose to make an excursion to one of the two outlets located on the other side of the Hudson River: the Woodbury Common Premium Outlet or The Mills at Jersey Gardens.

The advantages of going to an outlet outside the city compared to shopping in Manhattan or in Brooklyn are several.

Outlet in New York – cheaper shopping

Prices are lower. Partly because you shop at an outlet that may have last season’s fashion or products that are left over and therefore sold cheaply, but also because the state of New Jersey has no tax on this type of consumer goods, while stores in New York have to pay two different taxes that together make the goods almost 9 percent more expensive.

This means that The Mills, which is located in New Jersey, can have a lower price for their products than all stores in Manhattan – and in fact even cheaper than the Woodbury Common Premium Outlet located in the state of New York.

But the feeling is still that Woodbury’s prices are usually quite similar, perhaps thanks to the huge range of goods.

Another advantage of outlet shopping is that you have everything gathered in one place. Basically all the stores and brands you are looking for are in a limited area. Shopping is simply more efficient than going up and down Manhattan in search of the same things.

The downside then? That the bus trip to the outlet shopping takes a while and you can count on a whole day of your holiday in New York being spent on a shopping mall far from the city.

Best shopping

Outlets in New York are the best places for shopping in New York. In Manhattan, there are a number of stores that sell designer clothes at greatly reduced prices. The big shopping outlet stores can be found outside of Manhattan, or even outside of New York. However, they are easy to reach with pre-booked buses. Below you will find an overview of outlets in New York, along with other shopping tips.Open shop

In New York, there are a couple of large outlet areas, even some smaller ones. On this map, we have marked out 5 Premium outlets around New York. They are different sizes and below we tell you more about the best choice.

Best outlet in New York! About an hour (by car) northwest of Manhattan is the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets (map). There are as many as 220 different brand stores and is one of the world’s largest outlet centers in the world. For the most part, these are well-known brands at low prices! The two easiest ways to get here are by rental car from New York or by bus. For full information on various means of transport, shops, opening hours and other information visit their website: Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. The other premium outlets are often large enough about it and often over 100 different stores.

Outlets in Manhattan

There are a couple of smaller outlets in Manhattan that are much easier to get to. However, we recommend that for those who have time to get to Woodbury. For those staying in Manhattan, one of the best choices is Century21.

The first outlet center in New York City itself opened its doors not so long ago: Empire Outlets. The outlet stores are located on Staten Island, near the Staten Island Ferry terminal, and are easily accessible from Manhattan. Not all the stores on site have opened their doors yet, but in the end there will be about 100 stores. The mall is right on the water overlooking Manhattan, a lovely place to have a coffee or lunch and enjoy the view after a few hours of shopping. In addition to this outlet center, there are of course also regular stores with discounts in New York.

Out in New Jersey you will find The Mills at Jersey Gardens, a mall with both regular stores and outlet stores. The easiest way to get here is with a pre-booked shuttle bus, but it is also possible to take a local bus there. In New Jersey, there is no VAT on clothing and you only pay half of the VAT on electronic gadgets. This means extra good prices at already reduced prices!

ShoppingTo cope with both pleasant evenings at restaurants and long days of shopping, we came up with a trick. After shopping we always went back to the hotel and left all the bags. Then we rested for an hour or so before freshening up to continue the evening in town.

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Now maybe you are someone who can sleep a little on the previous evening and then wake up refreshed again, then you can ignore the latest tip. However, I hope all the shopping tips come in handy!

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