Del Mar County Fair

A Southern California summer is the perfect setting for any Hollywood beach-themed production and there are many ways to take advantage of it. Once you’ve taken in some sun at the beach, one way to prolong the fun would be to attend the Del Mar County Fair. From amusement park rides and deep-fried Oreos to wine tasting and jaw-dropping gardens, it’s a fantastic event that has something to offer everyone.


There’s no shortage of things to do at the fair. It’s one of the main reasons that so many attend each summer. They want to ensure that they’ve seen absolutely everything. Below we’ve outlined the best and most entertaining aspects of the fair.

Competitive exhibits

It’s a fantastic experience walking by some of the wonderful exhibits of livestock, photography, wine, gardening, and art. You’re afforded the opportunity to see up-close the talents of individuals from all walks of life. If you make your own art or cheese, you could even enter it for the chance to win a prize. There’s a large number of prizes up for grabs so you might just win something super-interesting.


You can’t consider it to be a county fair without animals. As you’re walking around, make sure you pet the goats, meet the bunny rabbits, and wave to the horses. And that’s not all, with many other animals present at the fair.


There’s no shortage of live music, either. There are some wonderful artists performing and numerous small stages for you to check out. There are also larger concerts put on throughout the course of the season, some from bands you’ll recognise, so make sure to keep your eyes open for who’s coming up.


One of the great things about the fair is that you can tailor the event to your own taste. And I mean that literally, not figuratively. It’s a great place to enjoy your cheat day and go for the typical fair food. Just some of the foods you can try here are enormous barbecued turkey legs, chocolate-covered bacon, deep-fried candy bars, and deep-fried Oreos. If those examples sound a bit too naughty, there are some alternative options available, as well as upscale dining. If you’re at a legal age for driving, add some alcohol to give it that extra kick.

Over 21’s

Maybe you’re a fan of merlots. Or you could be more of a Stone IPA kinda guy or gal. Whether it’s beer or wine that grabs your attention, or if you love both, there are two specific events you should know about.

San Diego International Beer Festival:

Here you’ll be afforded the opportunity to try beers from both local sources and from around the world. This beer festival has, in fact, become the largest on the whole West Coast. If you love nothing more than the taste of beer, this is one event you will absolutely not want to miss. A ticket includes your entry into the fair, an unlimited number of samplings, and a chance to enjoy some VIP-style dining.

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