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The History of Military Parades in Washington DC – Part 2

The second part of our blog highlighting the military parades in Washington and other U.S cities follows the celebrations of the presidential inaugural marches of Kennedy and Eisenhower. But this blog goes back in time to the early days of celebrating the American presidency. It was once common practice in the U.S for the president […]

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The History of Marching Bands – Part 1

No state fair, large civic or royal celebration would be complete without a marching band. For true pomp and exuberance, the marching band offers everything. The military style precision of the marching players together with the fantastic loud noise they produce cannot be ignored even if you wanted to. A marching band adds panache to […]

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The History of Military Parades in Washington DC – Part 1

Being the nation’s capital, Washington DC has had its fair share of military parades. As the seat of power, it is up to Washington to dispatch its nation’s troops to battle and, as such, Washington is there to welcome them home. But unlike some nations of the world, America does not flex its military muscle […]

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