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The Festivals of Washington DC – Part 2

The next foray into the world of festivals in Washington DC leads us to a barbecue, let’s us participate in a sporting event and visit a jazz festival. Washington is one of the best places in the whole of America to host events and festivals, not just because it is the capital city of the […]

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The History of Marching Bands – Part 2

Our blog on the history of marching bands continues with the growth of marching and military bands in America. In part one of this blog we look at the importance of the drum and fife in the Revolutionary War, but things had progressed by the time the Civil War arrived. Each company now had its […]

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The Festivals of Washington DC – Part 1

Washington DC is a great place if you love festivals, the good people of Washington will celebrate almost any occasion if they can. This blog concentrates on some of the events and festivals that take place in America’s capital city every year. Kingman Island Bluegrass & Folk Festival What could be possibly be more American […]

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